Hopes and dreams of a Nation
  I watched with bated breath as my home nation, England, where pushed aside again and again; my heart breaking a little each time. We always say to ourselves "Now is our time!". All I know is that we will keep doing this; again and again, until ........ well until we win. Until the Hopes and dreams of the nation have been met. David Gilmour
  我屏住呼吸觀看球賽,因為我的國家隊,英格蘭,一次又一次無緣問鼎世界杯;每次我也跟著一點點地心痛。我們總是對自己說“是我們表現的時候啦!”因為我堅信,我們將一直比賽下去;一次又一次,直到……直到我們贏得比賽。直到民族的希望和夢想得以實現。  (原標題:百萬市民學英語)
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